NMDA Digital Graphics Standards

NMDA Digital Graphics Standards

• Text and copy for manufacturer distributors: Should be saved in a delimited
file format, such as CSV, tab-delimited file such as TXT or Excel, version 2010 or later.

• All graphics, internet or printed, must have white or blank background.
All images should include a clipping path.

• Catalog and printed graphics:
Images must be 300 or higher dpi, 1500px x 1500 px and must be in CMYK format. The
file may be saved as an EPS or TIF. Full color photos are preferred.

Line drawings should be 600 dpi or higher and must be in CMYK or grayscale format.

These graphics can be converted to internet use, but internet graphics should not be
converted to print. If you only produce one type of file, make sure it meets the
catalog/printed graphics requirements.

• Internet graphics: Full color photos required. Images should be 72 dpi in RGB
format, minimum 2,000 pixels in height and width. This file may be saved as JPEG or

Line art is accepted and should be 72 dpi in RGB format. The file may be saved as a
Note that internet graphics should not be used for printing, as the resolution for
internet publishing is too low for print.

• Logos: EPS format and vendor must provide standards for use.

• Read Me file: There must be a document included which will include description of
artwork, graphics and/or text changes. The sole purpose is to indicate changes and new
listings so there will be specific instructions on how to note the changes.

Distribution Media

Image Library or file sharing service (i.e. Dropbox) are preferred. Thumb drives are also

• BE SPECIFIC when naming files, using part numbers whenever possible.

Revised August 13, 2019

NMDA Digital Standards FINAL August 2019