About NMDA


The National Marine Distributors Association supports the industry through:

  • Promotion of boating to consumers – ensuring a strong customer base now and for the future.
  • Promotion of wholesale distributors –  the best way for manufacturers to move products and promotions to independent marine outlets.
  • Promotion of the independent marine outlets – the best places to sell products (distributors) and buy products (consumers).

NMDA offers a wide range of services and programs. Following are highlights of key services and programs we offer.

S.T.E.P (Sales, Training, Education and Purchasing)

S.T.E.P. 2023 – Stay Tuned for Dates …

  • S.T.E.P. Purchasing – provides a centralized location for manufacturers to introduce new products and programs into the distributor marketplace. All S.T.E.P. Purchasing and S.T.E.P. Training Updates are placed in the Members Only section.
  • Supplier of the Year Award – Awarded annually by the Distributor members of NMDA, the award recognizes those companies who meet and exceed the standards and goals set by the Supplier of the Year committee. All finalists receive valuable ratings and evaluations from your distributor customers.
Profit Report – Is your distributorship average or high-profit? This study is an opportunity to compare your cost of doing business against other participating distributor members and gain insight into how to improve profitability.
Executive Conference – A high-level strategic planning meeting between distributors and manufacturers in closed door, one-on-one prearranged meetings.

Standards – We work with other organizations to standardize graphic and supply chain processes for consistency and efficiency.