Grow Boating – Discover Boating





The mission of Grow Boating – Discover Boating is to promote the boating lifestyle and improve the boating experience to increase participation in boating and ultimately increase sales of marine products and services.


The NEW Summer of 2020 campaign is available from Discover Boating and Take Me Fishing.  It’s fun, timely and comes with FREE professional promotional materials for our members to use. #TheWaterIsOpen

Check out the “Get On Board” toolkit for FREE images, videos, banner ads and digital content. 

Increase Boating Participation

Generate awareness and interest in the boating lifestyle through the Discover Boating campaign, an integrated marketing strategy grounded in sound research.

Share Stories of Discovery

We have produced four ‘Stories of Discovery’ videos. You can add these to your own website at no cost as a way to communicate with your customers about how impactful a boat can be to someone’s life. Simply go to or (click here for easy instructions).

Program Promotion

Welcome to the Water and Discover Boating are programs designed to persuade more consumers to try and, hopefully, adopt the boating lifestlye. NMDA members are encouraged to use the FREE resource materials on the website to promote boating in a variety of ways. These materials can be used on your websites, but also, can be provided to dealers as they are in direct contact with consumers.

Discover Boating researched and evaluated which online resources consumers consult before making a purchase. They have many tools you can add to your website:

  • Videos – Welcome to the Water, Good Run, Boating Guy and more
  • Interactive Tools – Boat loan calculator, cost comparison tool, Take Me Fishing Hotspot Map, Spouse Conversion
  • Facebook Tools – MovieMaker
  • Printable Checklists – Boating Safety, Spring Start-up, Winterizing Your Boat and more

Add Welcome to the Water Video to Your Website

Note the expressions in these boaters’ faces – from the accountant to the mechanic, Discover Boating welcomes everyone to the water and this video captures it all! This is more than a campaign, it’s a movement to get more people on the water. Join the movement & add this video to your website. You can also find the video on YouTube.