Executive Conference News

The Executive Conference Will Be Held March 2017

For Those Who Do Not Know What the Executive Conference Is …

The industry is constantly changing and the NMDA Executive Conference is a form to discuss change and how to manage it.  The NMDA Executive Conference is a forum for owners, chief  executives and general/sales/marketing managers of both wholesale  distributors and manufacturers to discuss issues pertinent to their  business relationships today and into the 21st century.

The name, Executive Conference, means just that.  This is NOT a purchasing event, this is not a “let’s see if we can get an additional point from the vendor”, this is a top level meeting.  Many topics can, and should, be discussed during these private closed door meetings.

One of the best ideas that several distributors have implemented for these meetings is they take the criteria for the Supplier of the Year and actually review or rate all of their suppliers.  They then spend their meeting going over the results.  This can be a real help to both parties in improving the relationship.